Real Refugees in the Real Canada

Eighteen Bridges - Spring 2017 - How refugees came to be the new scapegoat

Amarjeet Sohi

Alberta Views (Jan./Feb. 2017) - From political prisoner to parliamentarian

Taming the Beast (Photo Essay)

SHARP (Sept. 2016) - More than 2,000 men and women risked their lives to fight the Fort McMurray wildfire. These

Whose Art is It Anyway?

Avenue Edmonton (October 2016) - Can the Art Gallery Alberta give it away for free and not just surive but thrive?

Welcoming Omar Khadr

University Affairs (Oct. 2016) - How a Christian university opened its heart to the Canadian Muslim convicted of

The Fight of His Life

Avenue Calgary (September 2016) - In-depth profile of legendary wrestler Bret Hart as he grapples with illness, a

A Bicycle Revival in the Motor City

The New Yorker (Aug. 20, 2016)
An upstart bicycle manufacturer is hoping to resurrect a made-in-America

Under the Tuscan Son

Avenue Edmonton (July 2016) - An Alberta boy and eccentric Italian architect try to harmonize their ideas of perfection